Facebook blows up the Messenger ecosystem and might have just reinvented mobile marketing

Policy changes traditionally feel dry and boring, but changes coming from Facebook tend to be interesting news events. There is so much marketing budget heading in Facebook’s direction that fortunes can be made and lost depending on the direction that Facebook turns.

Along those lines, this announcement from Facebook is earth-shattering… at least in the messaging space . Facebook will no longer allow pages to send broadcast Messages. Only verified news pages (like CNN & Vice I assume) will be able to broadcast. All other Pages need to buy Sponsored Messages, which are ads sent over Messenger.

In the same announcement Facebook release automated conversations for data collection directly in their Ad product. Any Page buying Facebook Ads can now use conversations for conversion.

I published my thoughts in a LinkedIn article. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/facebook-kills-messenger-ecosystem-possibly-reinvents-michael-sabat/

This is the foundation, but there will be much more coming from these changes in the future.

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